About ONE Order

ONE Order aims to modernize the order management process in the airline industry through the concept of a single Customer Order record, capturing all data elements obtained and required for order fulfillment of air travel.

It is based on the following ONE Order principles:

ONE reference

ONE Order will result in the gradual disappearance of multiple reservation records as well as e-ticket/EMD concepts to be replaced by a single reference travel document.
A new standardized and expandable reference will become the single access point for customer orders by third parties (interline partners, distribution channels, ground handling agents and airport staff, among others).

One process

ONE Order will facilitate product delivery and settlement between airlines and their partners with one simplified and standardized order management process.
All parties will follow a single process to service customers throughout their entire product purchase and delivery experience.

One industry

ONE Order will enable ‘network airlines’ and ‘low-cost carriers’ to interact and provide combined services to customers.
Through a new streamlined process, both airline communities will be able to manage customers in a seamless and homogeneous manner despite having different business models and operational environments.

ONE Order benefits

ONE Order will result in:

Simplicity for Travelers

Travelers will no longer need to juggle between different reference numbers and documents. With a single reference number they will be easily recognized by all service providers.

Efficiency for Travel Agents

Travel agents will be able to follow an identical process to book flights and products from airlines, regardless of the airline’s business model or technology capability. This will expedite the service they provide, and will increase productivity.

Cost-effectiveness for Airlines

Airlines no longer will need to resort to timely and expensive reconciliation exercises between different references. This will greatly simplify back-office operations for existing and future products.

Real-time data for Technology Vendors

Technology vendors will be able to deliver real-time information on travelers, and their travel purchases, to their application users. This translates to data consistency and accelerated reporting.

One Order is an IATA-led initiative designed to replace the multiple and rigid booking, ticketing, delivery and accounting processes with a single and flexible order management process. See what will this mean to consumers: