About AIDM

IATA’s Airline Industry Data Model (AIDM) is an infrastructure project that will see the upgrade of our messaging standards development capability.

It aims to become a single point of access to store structured information including:

  • Industry-agreed vocabulary
  • Data definitions and their relationships
  • Related business requirements

Each message development project can easily leverage existing models developed by other standards groups to generate interoperable messaging standards faster and with higher quality.

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Get Involved

Who uses the AIDM?

The AIDM and associated methodology is used by all standards groups under the governance of IATA Passenger Standards Conference (PSC) in their pursuit of modern data exchange standards.

Since its initial release in early 2016, a number of industry projects have used the AIDM to deliver new messaging standards or align existing standards to the common concepts stored in the integrated model.

What is in the AIDM?

Many IATA data exchange standards are produced from the AIDM, including those for Baggage, Offers and Orders, Aircraft Load Control as well as Settlement with Orders, with several more in the pipeline.

The AIDM’s integrated logical data model (found in the “I3” partition of the model) includes an information model which covers several different domains including Flights, Parties, Shopping, Order Management, Payments, Aircraft Configuration, Baggage and more. The AIDM release is refreshed every 6 months in accordance with the Passenger Standards Conference standards release cycle.

Want to get involved?

We are keen to collect feedback about the industry methodology that is helping standards setting move into a modern age.

The AIDM and associate methodology is maintained by the Architecture and Technology Strategy Board (ATSB). If you are Data or Business Architect from IATA Member Airline or Strategic Partner and want to take part in integrating new models to the AIDM and evolving the modeling methodology, join your peers in ATSB groups on the IATA Standards Setting Workspace.

Alternatively, please contact the ATSB Secretary for more information.